Scooooooooop - 9/2/18

3 Shows in One Night

If you missed last Sunday, then you done messed up. There were 3 shows on Sunday just because y’all didn’t have to work the next day. All 3 shows were packed and loud as hell with laughter.  People were in there bumping elbows. Every type of person was there - big couples, mixed couples, black couples, and cheaters. Everybody in there had a good time especially because we had top notch comedians blessing the mic.  By the way, shout out to the military people that came and supported CS during fleet week. Like I said before, everyone comes through those doors, and no telling who you will see that night. I'm not talking about just famous people, but people from all over that are looking to get in the CS show and see what all the fuss is about.

Damn Shame What She Did To That Dog

Screen Shot 2018-09-11 at 11.23.53 AM.png

I give props for the ones that stand in those long ass lines.  I love all the guests that I call family but sometimes you have to give tough love to those you care about.  Like for this chick in the above pic with the Cockapoo vest. If y’all don’t know what a Cockapoo dog is just imagine her dog vest with eyes and a tail, or you can just google it and it will look just like that damn vest she wearing. Matter fact I will do it for you this is what a Cockapoo looks like…

Screen Shot 2018-09-11 at 11.14.30 AM.png

Now look at the pic above and tell me she not wearing this same exact dog to the comedy show. I tell you people will kill a white person dog just to make a fashion statement. I’m sure that dog fur on her got her shoulders itching, but hopefully she gave her vest a flea shot.


The Talent

The comedy talent was top notch on Sunday. There was Finesse Mitchell, one of my favorites, Teddy Ray, Leonard Ouzts, and more. But let me talk about this muthasucka Michael Blackson. This dude came on the stage with slides. Wearing slides wasn’t the bad part; looking at his crusty ass feet was terrible. They looked like were put in a blender then put in the oven for way too long.  Either way, he funny as hell and I enjoyed every minute of him and so did the CS family. If you guys want to check out a show come on through on Sundays at 7pm and 9:30pm.



First off, this human plum smiling dude is the long lost band member of the Commodores.  When asked why he still wears this suit, he said it brings him back great memories. Shoot, the only great memory he should have with this suit is when he should have thrown it away 2 or 3 generations ago.  This looks like the same suit I saw my grandad wear in a picture when he was at the juke joint back in 19 Negro 3. It’s all good though; he was having a good time smiling for the camera.

Man, when I tell y’all the place was packed on Sunday, I mean the place was packed, and people were ready to laugh.  The ladies come to have a great time, especially if the comedian is talking about relationships. Speaking of relationships, I learned that being in a relationship is expensive. When I was by myself, I would go to Wendy’s and buy a meal for $8. Now, when I go out with my girl she wants appetizers, entrees, drinks and dessert.  That normally comes out to about $70. That's why I believe in the 50/50 split; you eat 50% of the dinner plate and I eat the other 50% of the dinner plate. I mean, we won't be full but hell we gon’ eat again.

The comedians were on point on Sunday, especially Donnell Rawlings.  He was there making some white women uncomfortable, but it was all in fun. That was my first time seeing him doing live comedy and I must say that dude is funny.  We all know him as Ashy Larry on The Chappelle Show acting a fool.

A great friend of the Chocolate Sundaes family & host of 1st Impressions, Rell Battle, was there celebrating his birthday. You don’t have to be a comedian to have your birthday celebrated though; all you have to do is contact us and you can set up your own birthday celebration!


by Dre Drye

Old School Flavor

Hopefully y’all having a good week. Once again, the audience was looking good at Chocolate Sundaes this Sunday. The ladies were looking fly, as always. When the crowd comes in, you can feel the excitement in the air. It's kinda like church. You know when you come in and sit down, people start talking and then when the preacher comes in, everybody shuts the hell up?  That’s what it's like with the Chocolate Sundae crowd - when the comedian comes on stage, everybody gets quiet and tunes in.  Since I’ve been going, the crowd has been pretty good – they don’t heckle at all, they are just there to laugh, have a good time, and to get away from their problems for a couple hours. I always sit upstairs so I can get a good view of the audience and people watch. 

During the first show, I saw a grandad in the audience with a tucked in Fubu shirt rocking some Stacy Adams. I knew they were Stacy Adams cuz my dad had the same shoes, but the knock offs called Tracy McAdams. Let me tell y’all about those shoes - you couldn’t tell they were knock offs by plain sight. The only way you can tell those Tracy McAdams were fake was if you walked on tile flooring and seen the scuff marks it left behind. Anyway, enough about my dad and the Fubu shirt dude. He was there to have a good time so I’m not gonna make too much fun of him because we all have that dad or uncle that dresses from the 90s with the creases in jeans and still think that stuff is in style.

Sundae Comedians

Ron G was at it again making the crowd laugh about their relationships. Tacarra Williams did a good job hosting the First Impression show. Also - Tacarra has a special on Comedy Central so go to your On Demand and check her out. David Arnold was in the building telling jokes about his family and his crazy situations. When I talk to Dave, he always gives me great advice, and like I told him before - he’s the type of dad I never wanted. We had a legendary surprise guest George Wallace hit the stage as well.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again folks - there’s no telling who’s going to show up at Chocolate Sundaes! The best way to get in on the action is to get y’all butts online and get some tickets. 


by Dre Drye

Sundae Twerkout 

I must say Chocolate Sundaes was good, and you know an event is good when the damn line to get in the club is long as hell every Sunday.  There’s all kinds of people waiting in line - you got ladies with new weave fresh out the plastic bag, you got the fellas in muscle shirts with baby giraffe legs, pimps with no hoes, and white chicks that are waiting to get in so they can prove they can twerk. It took me a while to write this blog because all I can think of was the white chick that got on stage and was twerking like she was auditioning to be in a Nicki Minaj video.  Seriously, she was really into it like the twerk devil took over her body.  Ladies that can actually twerk put their whole heart and soul into it like their body is being taken over by the twerking holy ghost.

Fan Appreciation

Chocolate Sundaes is live and the crowd is always into it because they never know who is coming up next on the stage or what type of surprise is in store for them.  Before and after the show, comedians go outside to interact with fans, and Ron G - the host of Chocolate Sundaes - always runs outside right after the show as well, so he can greet and thank everyone for coming.  So, there is a lot of interaction going on between comedians and the fans.  Simple stuff like that makes you want to come back because who doesn’t like to feel appreciated? 

Sundae Talent

There were a lot of comedians that came through last Sunday and they all killed it.  Boogie B is funny as hell. If you like a comedian that likes to keep things real, then I suggest you check him out.  London Brown from the show Ballers also did his thing.  You may assume that some people that are on TV may not be as funny on stage as they are with a script, but that dude is definitely a comedian you should see.

Special Seating

By the way - if you didn’t know, there’s special dark seating in every corner of the club for all of you that are either embarrassed of who you brought out in public or for the ones who are there with their side date.  Make sure you come early because those seats fill up fast!


by Dre Drye

The Sundae Intro

What’s going on people? Welcome to the first Chocolate Sundaes weekly blog. I am your blog host, Dre Drye, and I will be discussing a whole lot of things that will inform, humor, and update you on what went down at the latest Chocolate Sundaes show. 

There is no telling who will pop up at Chocolate Sundaes; there can be some of the biggest comedians that are well known, but also up and comers that will have you rolling. Also, just because it’s called Chocolate Sundaes doesn't mean other flavors won't be there. The bravest customers I have seen are white people because they always sit up front begging to get talked about by the comedians. Black people - we can't sit up front because we don't like to be talked about. We may laugh on the outside, but on the inside, we’re ready to take some shit outside. 

For real though, the mood of the show is always down to earth, and you feel safe in the environment. Look - if white women on stage are twerking in a room full of mostly black people, then you know Becky is feeling safe…or drunk. Either way, it’s all in good fun!

Last Sundae Was Hot To Deaf

Last Sunday was a great experience. At the 7 o’clock early show, it was Deaf Community Night. 

While the comedians were on stage, there were interpreters for the deaf crowd. I’ve never seen anything like that ever at a comedy show, but it was cool as hell. A deaf comedian even went on stage and performed for the crowd, and the crowd laughed their asses off. Even the comedians upstairs were laughing. That means a lot because trying to get a comedian to laugh is harder than trying to find Lebron James hairline. Anyway, when I witnessed this event I realized that Chocolate Sundaes wasn't just about laughs, but about the community as well. 

Funny Comedians Hit The Stage

Some of the funniest comics hit the stage Sunday. To name a few, host Ron G did his thing as always, Tony Baker - who does those funny ass voiceovers of animals on social media, Red Grant with his crazy laugh, and Jose Raymond who I saw for the first time, and was funny as hell. Actually, Tony Baker was making some lady laugh so much with his airport joke that she damn near passed out. The thing about Chocolate Sundaes is you’re not just going to get 2 or 3 comics - you get at least an hour and a half of comedians every 10 minutes or so. 

Birthday Love

The CEO of Real Music Marketing and also Snoop Dogg’s manager Big Percy was in the building for his birthday. He was looking like a pimp with the silk outfit, gold chain, and David Ruffin glasses on. He had the whole upstairs on lock for his big evening with his friends and family. Speaking of birthdays, if any of you wants a birthday shout out on the Sundae Blog, give me a holla. 

Helpful Tips

Chocolate Sundaes is every Sunday at 7pm and 9:30pm at the Laugh Factory in Hollywood. Make sure you don’t come late because that line will be long as hell.