Ron G

Role: host of Chocolate Sundaes and professional ice breaker

Hobbies: listens to Trap Gospel
social media activist & no longer " about that life."

Occupation: actor/comedian/writer/producer  

Instagram: @comedianrong



Rell Battle

Role: Lani's bitch during the 8 o'clock show

Hobbies: Being Bad and Boujee. Cooking up dope with a Uzi etc. etc.

Occupation: Actor/Stand up comedian

Instagram: @rellbattle


Kevin Tate

Role: Host of 1st Impressions

Instagram: @kevintateis


Dj Sidekick

Role: DJ

Instagram: @yourfavoritedjsfavoritedj


Ben Walton

Role: To show up and make people wonder what my role is.

Hobbies: Keeping up my unbeaten record in Taboo (on any team). Staying woke and waiting a minute. Researching food spots, bars and cool stuff to do in the city so that I can give everyone free advice on "what's up for tonight?"

Occupation: CEO/Graphic Designer, Product Pusher Industries. Creative Director, Chocolate Sundaes. Promoter. 

Instagram: @bigteflon


Lani Crooks

Role: Red Light Police

Hobbies: Eating. Shopping online while eating. Trying new restaurants. Playing sports & working out so I can eat more.

Occupation: Director of Operations for Chocolate Sundaes

Instagram: @lanidotty

Nicole Herrera

Role: Door Boss

Hobbies: Trying to sneeze while keeping my eyes open. Going to Krispy Kream donuts far too many times a week. Finding vintage Sean John.

Occupation:  Celebrity Wardrobe Stylist for Moschino LA

Instagram: @her__ERA


Joseph Monterroso

Role: Video Editor Wizard

Hobbies: Watching way too many YouTube videos and claim that it's "research". Worrying way to much about sneakers. Trying hard to keep my sushi appetite at bay

Occupation: Freelance Videograher, Editor, Photographer

Instagram: @johsoloh


Russell Turcotte

Role: Dude with a camera/Infantry

Hobbies: 2 Chainz fan club. Runner up in the National Handlebar Mustache Championships. Eating carbs 

Occupation: Portrait Studio Manager

Instagram: @turcotterussell


Die Hu

Role: Shoot people...with a camera. Book parties & events for Chocolate Sundaes. 

Hobbies: Hurting myself on a skateboard. Dropping fire bars driving in traffic. 

Occupation: Marketing Coordinator, Photographer, Videographer & Editor

Instagram:  @dieeeeeeeeeh